‘a family thing’


1980 – It all began nearly forty years ago in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, when Juliaan Peeters decided to make the switch from trading in tomatoes to trading in small pot plants. A long-held desire to travel around the world changed his life forever. Petrivo became a company for cultivating and wholesaling in small pot plants.

1990 – Sons Yves Peeters and Roel Peeters join the business. Trade was expanded through the construction of new greenhouses and the import of larger plants began to play an ever more important role. From exquisite tropical palms, imposing fig trees, from very small to 26 feet high, they all found their way from America to Sint-Katelijne-Waver. As explorers and adventurers in search of extraordinary specimens, Juliaan, Yves and Roel caused Petrivo to blossom into an established name in the trade of large, exclusive plants.

2018 – The greenhouses are demolished, Petrivo moves to new premises off the well-travelled R6. Lennert Peeters, son of Roel Peeters, joins the business.


Today, it’s all about the experience. The stories that are told at a company that remembers the past, but looks to the future.

Large, unique outdoor plants imported directly from Asia, Europe and Latin America all have a wonderful history behind them. Each of the plants has its own character, shaped throughout past generations.

The wholesale trade in indoor plants will expand to include Petrivo’s collection of wood decorations from 2019. Unique items, designed by nature, transformed into furniture. Discovery has become the company’s calling card.

Every month, we select and import plants and decorations directly from around the globe. All these plants are potted in our greenhouses, then trimmed and acclimatised before being prepared for sale.


The future of Petrivo is collaboration. Because we can communicate more closely with customers via social media and the Internet, we are raising the bar for meeting and exceeding their expectations. Through collaboration with suppliers, we can gather products of all shapes and sizes to Sint-Katelijne-Waver and continually improve our delivery, quality and performance.

Petrivo is dedicated to sustainability as far as possible. The inventive re-use of discarded materials, under the ethos of “resource conservation and waste reduction” for the wood collection, is just one example. The roofs of our greenhouses, along with the concrete around them, also catch rainwater and store it in our water buffers. Electricity is generated by our own solar panels.

Going forward, the emphasis will come to lie on reducing our ecological footprint and collaborating with organisations and companies that support those green principles and green production.

With the next generation bringing new perspectives and new ideas to the table, Petrivo will continue to grow and evolve, so as to carry on meeting the needs of a changing market and a changing world.